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The Company
We are a Graphic and Web Design Agency which is located in Beirut, Lebanon.

At Media Segments, Creative Graphic & Web Design Agency

we are specialized in making your company look at its best. After years of experience in creating high quality designs, we consider ourselves professional in all sorts of graphics, and advertising material. We are the one source for your Companies Design and Advertising needs.

Mr. Wissam Assouma,
Partner & Creative Director of MediaSegments:

We believe that the way to be successful is to be able to lead, and of course that can’t happen unless we know how to follow. What I mean by following is to be able to follow up to date trends which are necessary in order to reach to the top and deserve to be an A list advertising agency.

The things that I beleive in:
God, good personality, good Identity and good quality.

Wissam Assouma Managing Director

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Now more than ever, advertising and marketing are so important even though they require spending a lot of money. In return to all that spending it helps in creating an effective way to bring back high revenues.

Hiring us to do your advertising campaign allows us to give you the competitive edge necessary to become a leader in your own marketplace. Working with MediaSegments will help you in expanding your ideas and in creating programs which could be best suited to your needs and budget.  We are known for our ability to provide strategic communication solutions for our clients. We are also known to be up to date with all emerging technologies. This has been proven!

Creativity is our Ability!

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